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Clearing Stones And Crystals Made Easy

Empowered Goddess

Empowered Goddess Quick Tip

An essential first step in working with stones is understanding how to keep these beautiful support allies energetically clear. Regular cleansing of your stones is extremely important as they are an energetic healing tool and will readily absorb energies with use. Just as you wash the dishes or the clothes you wear, keeping your stones clean and clear is imperative in effectiveness of use.

Meditation and Breath

Empowered Goddess - Meditation and Breath

"The breath is the intersection of the body and mind"
- Thich Nhat Hanh

This quotation embodies a potent thought.  When you become consciously aware of your breath, an energetic bridge into a meditative state of being is created.  The breath offers a very visceral and tactile touch stone, an energetic threshold that can move you directly into a conscious awareness of your connection to spirit.

Let Go and Live Your Best Life!

Letting Go - Empowered Goddess

Empowered Goddess Quick Tip

Learning to let go can be profoundly challenging.  Letting go and releasing involves change which is a terrifying prospect to most.  Many times, holding on can seem easier, less complicated, and a more comfortable choice.  Sometimes letting go means ending a relationship, repatterning thought processes, changing your living or job situation, or saying goodbye to someone or something you deeply love.

White Light

White Light - Empowered Goddess Metaphysical Myth Buster

Empowered Goddess Metaphysical Myth Buster
‚ÄčThere can be a lot of confusion when looking at using energetic tools of clearing and protection.
White light has a frequency and a viribration that attracts energies.
Therefore, if you're looking to clear or protect, using white light will have the opposite effect!


Enlightenment - Empowered Goddess Metaphysical Myth Buster

Empowered Goddess Metaphysical Myth Buster
How do I get it? 
What is it?
There's a lot of misunderstanding and confusion around enlightenment.
The biggest tripping point, I see, is the misunderstanding that the physical body or the physical world is the enemy; something to be transcended.
Actually, the opposite is true!