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And there will come a time when you will begin to remember.

Slowly at first, in snippets of Knowing, and flashes of Light.  Something deep inside of you will begin to bubble up into your conscious awareness.  

Initially it will flow through your fingers as you try to grasp it.  And then you will realize that grasping and holding will cause that which you are trying to grasp to disappear.  Your Guides will begin to actively engage with you, initially in your dreamtime, and then in your waking time.  


In the beginning, you will brush it all aside and query, “Am I losing my mind?”  Keeping it all to yourself for fear that others will confirm, “Yes, you have gone mad!”  You will catch things in the periphery of your physical vision, close your eyes, shake your head, and move on with your day.  

But then one day, you will sense and know, absolutely know, that your eyes aren’t playing tricks and you will realize that you aren’t seeing with your physical eyes.  Or maybe you will hear things and smell things, like Angels singing or your passed Grandmother’s favorite flower.  

And maybe, just maybe, if someone you trust is around, you will ask if they smell roses and hear Angels singing too.  When they say “no!” and look at you like you have ten heads, when fear rises up inside, you will forget again.  

And when the fear rises up, you will try, desperately try, to stuff it all back down to where ever it has come from.  And then, for all the stuffing, you will begin to remember again.  Slowly at first, in snippets of Knowing, and flashes of Light.  Something deep inside of you will again begin to bubble up into your conscious awareness.  

Until one day, you will stand strong in all you know to be your Truth without apology.  Within this empowered moment you will come to anchor and ground all your Light of Knowing into the physical world.  Your Guides will rejoice and welcome you as a newborn babe into your birth of Awakening.  Welcome home beautiful being of Sacred Light!

Rev Ann Rene

Rev Ann Rene

Rev. Ann Rene has been meditating since she was a young child. She has over 25 years of professional experience in the art of meditation, teaching meditation, and facilitating meditation groups. Rev. Ann Rene is also the author of numerous guided meditations, some of which may be found in her book, Spiritual Evolution: A Basic Guide to Spiritual Growth and the Ascension Process. Her extremely powerful and impactful professionally recorded audio guided meditations are also available for download through her website:

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