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Herbal Vinegars: Easy to Make and Use!

I feel vinegar is an underutilized vehicle for extracting the yummy goodness of any herbal garden’s healing power. Vinegar has its own health benefits and when you combine that with the therapeutic properties of plants, you pack a lot of herbal superpower into a little jar of delicious support. Herbal vinegars are bursting with important trace minerals and nutrients. Herbal vinegars are deeply supportive to your body’s health and wellbeing. They are easy to make and have numerous uses—salad dressings, marinades, herbal bath time, and so much more. Make herbal vinegars your summertime best friend and your body will thank you! 


Some of my favorite plants for making herbal vinegars:

  • Dandelion—use the whole plant—flowers, leaves, and roots. Great for supporting proper liver function and digestion.
  • Lemon balm—use the flowers and leaves. A ray of relaxing sunshine. Great digestive and immune support.
  • Lavender—use the flowers and leaves. Relaxing and balancing to the nervous system. Great digestive and liver support.
  • Peppermint—use the flowers and leaves. Super nutritive and great digestive support.
  • Rosemary—use the flowers and leaves. Warming digestive support.

Always use organic fresh herbs and organic apple cider vinegar to make your herbal vinegars. Never take vinegar undiluted! Vinegar can burn your skin, mouth, and esophagus, so be careful! Herbal infused vinegar makes a great addition to any cup of tea or warm water. You may take one to three tablespoons of herbal vinegar daily.

I suggest taking your vinegar with a meal. To do so, add one tablespoon of your herbal infused vinegar to a cup of tea or to a cup of warm water. You may also add ½ cup herbal vinegar and a handful of Epsom salt into a warm water filled tub to create a soothing and calming bath. Additionally, use your herbal vinegars to make delicious marinades and salad dressings.

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to make your own herbal vinegar:

Herbal Vinegar Recipe


  • 1-quart size glass mason jar with a plastic lid
  • Enough fresh chopped organic herb to fill your mason jar ¾ full
  • Organic apple cider vinegar


  1. 1
    Gather your fresh herbs and rinse them off.
  2. 2
    Pat the herbs dry.
  3. 3
    Chop and mince the fresh herbs.
  4. 4
    Wash your glass jar and plastic lid with warm soapy water.
  5. 5
    Loosely pack the minced herb into the glass mason jar.
  6. 6
    Fill your jar with the minced herb until the jar is about ¾ full.
  7. 7
    Add enough apple cider vinegar to completely cover your herbs.
  8. 8
    Cap your jar with the plastic lid.
  9. 9
    Shake your jar vigorously.
  10. 10
    Set the jar aside to sit and settle for about an hour.
  11. 11
    After an hour, check your jar and make sure all the plant material is submerged in the vinegar.
  12. 12
    Add more apple cider vinegar if needed.
  13. 13
    Label your herbal vinegar with the date and ingredients.

Keep your herbal vinegar in a cool dark place for at least three weeks. A pantry or kitchen cabinet works well.

After three weeks, strain off the plant material from the vinegar using cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer. Place your strained vinegar into a freshly washed glass mason jar and cap with a plastic lid.

Label your herbal vinegar with the date and ingredients. Store your vinegar in the refrigerator and enjoy within two to three months.

Do not let the summertime slip away before trying your hand at some delicious herbal vinegar concoctions. You will be oh-so-grateful in the dark of winter when you crack open your lovely summertime reminder of herbal goodness!

Bright, bold, and refreshing!

Rev Ann Rene

Rev Ann Rene

About the author

Reverend Ann Rene is a holistic healing practitioner, spiritual minister, and teacher who holds a broad spectrum of certifications and training in alternative as well as traditional healing therapies. She has traveled the world extensively studying wise woman healing techniques, energy medicine, shamanism, indigenous spirituality, and esoteric teachings. Empowered Goddess is the name of Reverend Ann Rene’s healing and teaching practice. She has spent over twenty-five years empowering women and children through heart centered energetic holistic healing support, intuitive guidance, and spiritual counsel. Additionally, Reverend Ann Rene offers extremely unique handcrafted artesian metaphysical healing support products, original artwork, local learning, and individual healing sessions.

Rev Ann Rene

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