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Empowered Goddess Long Distance Energy Sessions

Long Distance Energy Sessions with Rev. Ann Rene are available to women and facilitate empowerment, energetic harmony, holistic balance, and well-being on all levels. During your session time, Rev. Ann Rene utilizes all of her clairsenses and is in continual communication with your guides, your healing allies, and the higher realms. Rev. Ann Rene provides a space of holistic energetic and spiritual support that facilitates your innate natural healing capacity, confidence, and inner strength of knowing. Reiki and other powerful energy therapies are applied during your energy session time. Holistic energetic and spiritual support is provided as Rev. Ann Rene works with your energetic anatomy and physiology to bring about deep and lasting restorative balance and well-being.

Each long distance energy session can unfold very differently as each woman’s healing needs will shift, change, and vary as she moves through her experience of life. Rev. Ann Rene works with you to support optimal health and empowerment on all levels from a holistic perspective. This means providing energetic healing support for all aspects of your life: physical, emotional, mental, heart, relationship, energetic, psychic, soul, and spiritual.

Isn’t it time to create a life of well-being, balance, and joy? Rev. Ann Rene can help you understand how to channel your energy through positive actions that facilitate the healthy life changes necessary to achieve core healing. Learn how to connect with an empowered healing process as Rev. Ann Rene relays life changing tools through each individual energy session.

Each Long Distance Energy Session with Rev. Ann Rene is $80 and includes: email exchange relaying intuitive information that comes through during your session time and details as to what energy work was completed, any applicable home healing support suggestions, intuitive energy scan, receiving Reiki and other powerful healing energy modalities, and a crystal and gemstone layout set in place on your healing behalf for four days after your energy session is complete. You must provide a full body photograph of yourself for your crystal and gemstone layout. Your session time needs to be scheduled during a time when you are able to remain in a relaxed state for an entire hour.

Each Long Distance Energy Session is $90