Healing Practitioner Support

Tarot Card Reading-Empowerment

Rev. Ann Rene’s remote tarot card readings offer powerful guidance and are a potent catalyst to the healing and growth process. Your reading assists you in gaining perspective, clarity, insight, and direction while encouraging a sense of empowerment and energetic harmony.

During your tarot card reading Rev. Ann Rene is in continual communication with your guides and the higher realms. From this energetic space of being she intuitively channels a conscious stream of information on your behalf through the tarot cards.

All remote tarot card readings are completed through email exchange. You may ask one specific question or request a general reading in which Rev. Ann Rene asks the cards the most important thing you currently need to know.

Once your card reading is complete, Rev. Ann Rene compiles a word document which includes all the intuitive information channeled on your behalf.

Each Remote Tarot Card Reading is $40

Ready to get started?

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    Click the button below and request a remote tarot card reading in the contact form.
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    Include one question you would like answered OR request a general reading.
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    Readings take approximately 2 weeks to complete.
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    You will be emailed a PayPal invoice when your card reading is finished.
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    Once your invoice is paid you will receive an email from Rev. Ann Rene with your tarot card reading word document attached.