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The Spring Equinox – A Time of Release and Renewal

This year, in the northern hemisphere, the Spring Equinox occurs on Saturday March 20th. The spring season affords the ideal opportunity to energetically press the reset button and start anew. This is an opportune time to set new goals, fresh intentions, and expand abundance.

Consciously dropping down into the essence of springtime empowers you to more fully experience the energies of release and renewal. Now is the perfect time to support the clearing out of all that no longer serves you and manifest new beginnings, a fresh start. This also encourages the reclamation of your co-creative process as sacred, clearing the way for abundant flow and goal manifestation.

The Art of Journaling

The Art of Journaling

The history of journaling dates back thousands of years with the oldest known diary being discovered in Egypt. Present day journaling is defined as a daily record of musings, thoughts, feelings, dreams, reflections, or experiences.

Daily journaling is a rich tool of support that activates understanding, enlightenment, integration, and healing. Journaling has the potential to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your feelings, and your thoughts.

The Healing Alchemy of Change

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines change as, “to make or become different”. 

The more time you put in experiencing life, I think the more you come to understand one thing: Change truly is inevitable. It is a constant and consistent part of life experience. Your life can change in a split second and suddenly all you knew foundationally crumbles around you.

Many times, change is thrust upon you and there are times when you actively choose life changes. Any sort of change, chosen or not, can be challenging. Facing change can be a scary prospect as you enter uncharted and unknown territory. Change can trigger strong feelings of vulnerability and lack of safety. Fear can then rear its ugly head, wreaking havoc as stress and anxiety build. Paralysis and rigidity may then begin to settle into your life. When faced with change you may feel frozen, apathetic, or terrified. Or you may feel driven to become controlling and rigid, in an attempt to regain a sense of safety and security.

Winter Solstice, a Time to Celebrate the Light’s Return

There are some pretty powerful traditions and celebrations that are deeply misunderstood—Winter Solstice being one of them. Connecting with nature and honoring the seasons, offers a wealth of support on all levels. Most humans have forgotten their deep interconnection with the web of life, and in the process of that forgetting, the painful and challenging aspects of life are magnified. Acknowledging your connection to nature through ritual and ceremony, calls you back home into your heart and the essence of your inner light.

Is it Time to Replenish Your Well?

Current planetary energies and events have, for many, intensified issues and challenges. These powerful energies have made self-care less of an option and more of a necessity. Current challenging times have increased the need for nourishing daily supports. You may find yourself struggling with apathy, anxiety, burn out, feeling down, or negativity. Making self-care a daily priority can go a long way in creating more balance and harmony. This in turn, helps reduce your sense of overwhelm. Adding small moments of self-nourishing activities to your daily routine helps you regain your sense of self and empowerment, allowing you to feel more settled and whole as you move through your day.

Soul Song Art

I was extremely blessed to take my first art class over five decades ago.  My childhood art teacher, Jo King, introduced me to the world of art.  Her sage wisdom continues to positively impact my life today.  Additionally, my father gave me my first 35mm camera forty-five years ago.   That gift sparked a lifelong passion for photography. 

Finding Balance Between the Light and Darkness

Bountiful blessings on this beautiful fall equinox! Today, the light and darkness find balanced perfection. The fall equinox energetically opens the opportunity to invite equilibrium and stability into your life. This time of year also energetically supports the essence of letting go. A perfect opportunity to reflect upon and release the things in your life that no longer serve you. Additionally, this time of harvest offers the occasion to celebrate your blessings. Bringing in the energies of balance, release, and gratitude go a very long way in helping calm stress and anxiety. Are you ready to shine a light upon the dark spaces and places in your life?

Energetic Protection

White Light - Empowered Goddess Metaphysical Myth Buster

Energetic protection can be a confusing subject. The plethora of misinformation to be found can add even more confusion. Unfortunately, much of this misinformation can worsen matters and have the opposite desired energetic effect.

How will you Celebrate Summer Solstice?

Stonehenge Watercolor-by Rev Ann Rene

The summer solstice begins in the northern hemisphere on the evening of Saturday June 20th. Traditionally this is a time spent celebrating the energy of the longest day and shortest night of the year. The summer solstice embodies the energies of spiritual growth, love, healing, vitality, abundance, potential, and an expanded light consciousness. These energies open the door to a deeper connection and understanding of your internal light of being.