Empowering Yourself Through the COVID-19 Situation

Empowered Goddess - Empowering Yourself Through the Covid-19 Virus Situation

You may be feeling afraid and vulnerable right now. It is important to understand that denial and minimizing the current situation creates a false sense of safety. Additionally, panic and over reaction are not helpful either. There are things you can do to empower yourself. Approaching the current Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, outbreak from a place of empowerment will go a long way in creating a greater sense of balance and calm.

Heart Healing Allies

Empowered Goddess - Heart Healing Allies

Valentine’s Day isn’t always all happy hearts and fabulous flowers. Not everyone finds joy in the celebration of “love” this time of year. For many people this day can be quite heart-breaking, triggering, and grief based. It is therefore very helpful to become familiar with some healing allies which provide support during these heart challenged times.

New Year Resolutions

Empowered Godess New Years Resolutions

Did you ring in the new calendar year with a long list of resolutions? Most of us find those resolutions fading away before January 31st. This can be extremely frustrating. So, what to do if you find yourself setting goals only to see them fall by the wayside? Part of the issue may be unrealistic expectations and goals. Breaking down desired goals and resolutions into a reasonable process, supported by self-acceptance and love, can help set you up to succeed.

Enlightenment and Your Clairsenses

Enlightenment is the process of integrating a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe through wisdom gained during energetic exploration via your clairsenses. This type of exploration facilitates the shifts in personal perception necessary to reach a higher state of being and expression within the physical world.

A unique and open relationship with the universe is created, one that directly connects you with Spirit and the essence of unity. The truth is illuminated. You then gain the capacity to experience your life journey through the eyes of love. This is the essence of enlightenment.

The Healing Power of Dreamtime

The Healing Power of Dreamtime

“The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.”
-Sigmund Freud

Why are your dreams important?

Questions about dreamtime and dream interpretation come up on a regular basis during my individual healing consultations, classes, and retreats. Understanding your dreams is an important piece within the healing process. During dreamtime we receive messages from our subconscious.

The Healing Essence of Animal Spirit Medicine


Many people are currently experiencing a deep sense of disconnect. Are you feeling lost, alone, afraid, angry, and confused? These emotions and experiences are directly related to a perceived separation from Gaia and therefore your sacred self. When you deepen your connection to the Earth, a healing flow of support is created, and so is the opportunity to more fully awaken into your sacred sense of being. This in turn affords an abundant sense of energetic sustenance, and a rich bond of comfort and guidance is established. Inviting animal spirit medicine into your daily routine offers a strong relationship of encouragement and hope. 

Clearing Stones And Crystals Made Easy

Empowered Goddess

Empowered Goddess Quick Tip

An essential first step in working with stones is understanding how to keep these beautiful support allies energetically clear. Regular cleansing of your stones is extremely important as they are an energetic healing tool and will readily absorb energies with use. Just as you wash the dishes or the clothes you wear, keeping your stones clean and clear is imperative in effectiveness of use.