2018: A Call to Action—Reclaiming the Light as Sacred

Hello Empowered Goddesses!  It is a sacred honor to share with you the 2018 channeled message of support from the upper realms.  As with anything take away that which resonates and leave the rest.

Heartfelt love and hope dear ones,

We understand that many of you have come through much pain and challenge.  The fight for the light is not an easy one.  We want you to remember that you are not alone.  We are here.  Always here. 

Now is the time.  You are being asked to choose between shadow and light—pain and love.  The illustration between illusion and truth has been greatly magnified.  This will continue as choices are made clearer.  Know that each action or lack of action, each word you speak or your silence, are the choices that move you closer to the light—or the darkness.  It is within these moments you are choosing to deny or reclaim the light as Sacred.    

The Positive Power of Intention

Rev. Ann Rene - Peru Meditation

Your thoughts, beliefs, words, actions, and the way you treat yourself are the powerful intentions you set every single day.  All of this energetic input helps create your life experience and therefore greatly affects the quality of your life.  The empowered beauty of this dynamic means that you get to choose!  You can change your life by creating a healthier positive intention!

Begin to empower yourself into a healthier life experience through positive intention by understanding the vision you are currently creating.  Self-reflection of your daily thoughts and beliefs can be extremely helpful in shifting your life experience into a more balanced space of joy, happiness, and calming tranquility.  Creating an empowered vision of positive intention and gratitude begins by coming to understand the negative thoughts and beliefs you are currently experiencing.


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